The reasons for which Albu Legal law office is the right choice for our clients:

  • We work only in White-Collar Crime. And we do it very well;
  • We respect our clients and our commitments
  • We have a vast experience in the field, at the highest level of cases;
  • We do have the experience and understanding of both the sophistication of corporate world, as well as of cross-border issues;
  • We are fully familiar with the complexities that such cases generate within an organization and to its various stakeholders;
  • We have a very good working relationship both with the professional environment, and with the most reputed specialists in the expert areas relevant to our activity, such as technical, financial, accounting, forensic etc. – from the academic environment, as well as the top notch consultancy firms;
  • To dedicate the necessary time and attention to a correct and detailed understanding of the situation, its ramifications and possible developments, to offer our clients a continuous guarantee that they are the beneficiaries of the best possible professional endeavours;
  • Although important, we never let „mercantile” issues come against what is required to properly pursue clients’ legitimate interests;
  • We communicate completely and in real time with our clients, to keep them informed and to enable optimal decision making;
  • We are dynamic and we keep ourselves involved in the debates in the professional environment, for a continuous professional training, which allows us to have an up-to-date view for the benefit of our clients;
  • We are building correct and beneficial relationships with our clients, through good faith, common sense, good will and, when possible, good spirits;

40+ years

of professional experience for all team members together

1 area

of expertise
(White-Collar Crime)

1000+ clients

satisfied clients in
15 years


Euros saved for our clients