Cybercrime has become an increasingly imperative topic for business environment. Businesses are being targeted by hackers more than individuals. However, safety measures are available for both categories – companies and individuals, requiring only attention, time and some resources.

What measures should businesses and individuals adopt and, most importantly, what should they pay attention to? Our colleague Gabriel Albu, Founder Attorney at Albu Legal Law Office, discussed this topic today, live at Profit News.

As a precautionary measure, people should be more careful, limit themselves to recognized merchants when they make online purchases and have to enter their personal card credentials.

“People sometimes agree to take risks if they make a purchase that is not very valuable. But we should not see things like this. Once the card data are introduced for a small transaction, they remain in the possession of the recipient. If the recipient intends a fraud, the data can be used later for a much larger transaction”, says Gabriel Albu.

Another very useful measure is the 3D approval of the transactions, when the bank also requests that cardholders provide proof of identity by entering a unique password, a codde via SMS or a temporary PIN. Additional measures may consist in setting limits per transaction, per day, a maximum number of transactions per day, as well as SMS alerts for each transaction.

There is a much wider range of measures for retail businesses: a very good protection for their databases, the use of highly secure payment platforms, the constant change of passwords, always accessing the links with the utmost caution.

“Whenever we have to do a slightly more delicate operation, a higher payment, and we notice changes in some payment details, we should confirm those changes by phone”, says Gabriel Albu.

Thank you very much, Profit News, for the opportunity to tell more about this trending topic! We invite you to find out more from the recording.