Albu Morar was once again a proud partner of the conference, which debates the hot topics of the moment, related to corporate risks and frauds and brings together renowned professionals in the field, from both the public and the private sector.


Reporting. Is it a personal or company obligation? It refers only to public servants or many times also to officers of private entities? Is it an obligation referring to an act provided by criminal law and from what area? What is the standard of knowledge and evidence? What is the impact of the privilege against self-incrimination?


Attorney Gabriel Albu spoke at length on this topic during one of the most anticipated events dedicated to the White-Collar Crime practice area in Romania, organized by GOVNET.

Gabriel Albu highlighted the vast legal framework that regulates reporting obligations and sanctions acts of non-reporting/ failure to report to judicial bodies, in the event that companies find out about the possibility of criminal behaviour. The complexity of the issue comes from the many existing criminal norms and their extensive application, including in relation to private entities/ officers.


Thank you, GOVNET, for inviting us to debate these topics and congratulations for organizing this event for 5 years! It is welcome especially as the complexity of corporate fraud, in its various forms, is on the rise and the fight against it gains new ways every year.


More info on this topic here.