The conference entitled “Preventing and combating money laundering. The impact of the new law on the liberal professions”, organized by Editura Universul Juridic, brought together a wide audience of professionals active in the liberal professions.


Invited to participate at the discussion panel, Mihai Morar presented information about the general regulatory framework, similarities and separations between the two legal obligations, specific elements in relation to the obligation to report money laundering resulting from acts of corruption and similar offences, the reporting criteria, as well as the risks of an error in reporting. The debates on this topic of wide interest, in the company of the best specialists in the matter, represent a good opportunity to connect to the latest realities and to clarify the most sensitive aspects that those concerned face in their current activity.


During this event, it was launched the 1st edition of the Money Laundering Magazine, this issue being dedicated to Prevention: Privacy & Transparency, where our colleagues Gabriel Albu and Mihai Morar, signed an extensive material on the topic.


Congratulations and thank you for the invitation, Universul Juridic!


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